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Delivering for

Southwest Austin


Citywide Projects

  • Affordability - doubled homestead exemption from 10% to 20%, increased the seniors/disability property tax exemption to $113,000, and increased the city's minimum wage to $20/hour.

  • We're building safer routes to school and safer bike lanes everywhere

  • I authored ordinance ensuring baby changing tables in men’s restrooms


Districtwide Projects

  • Sourced bottled water from ACL vendors and distributed during 2021 winter storm

  • Donated $100k of office budget for Dick Nichols Park improvements

  • Violet Crown trail - additional extensions are currently underway!

  • New Fire and EMS station in Southwest Austin

  • Lowered speed limits on neighborhood streets

Neighborhood Projects


  • Abilene Trail now has speed bumps


  • Circle C Metro Park now has a crosswalk & pedestrian beacon


  • Dick Nichols Park - got $100k in improvements (and new pickleball courts!)


  • Gorzycki Middle School - Has a Shared Use Path on Slaughter & Barstow


  • Legend Oaks/Loma Vista - installed signage indicating “sharp right turn”


  • Lost Creek Blvd has solar-powered dynamic speed signs, and the Marshall Tract will be compatible housing


  • Maple Run has a new stop sign at Croftwood and Alexandria Drive, and has been approved for a "pinch-point" program to reduce speeds on Alexandria


  • Sendera now has crosswalks & beacons at Davis & Latta

  • Shady Hollow - Replacement of drainage line at Buckingham Gate Estates


  • Southwest Parkway has been re-paved - more to come!


  • Spyglass now has a crosswalk at the trailhead


  • Travis Country has a NEW Fire and EMS station with immediate access to area neighborhoods


  • Violet Crown trail connection along Williamson Creek is underway!


  • Woods of Westlake has improved parking regulations

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