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  • Winter Storm Uri response - Southwest Austin was the first to lose water and the last to get it back on. I immediately brought together bottled water vendors and a team of volunteers to distribute thousands of cases of water around Southwest Austin to people in critical need.


  • Travis Country Fire Station - delivered on time with full staffing, and have now secured an easement that will speed up response time to Travis Country


  • Davenport Fire Station - and a second Fire/EMS station has already broken ground off 360


  • EMS Support - I successfully worked to add more medics every budget cycle, opened a new EMS station on US-290, and have participated in ride alongs to better understand the work and stresses of emergency response.


  • APD Cadet Trainings - Authorized a new format for police training, including de-escalation curriculum that emphasizes mindfulness and resilience.


  • Endorsed Binding Arbitration for the Austin Firefighters Association during contract negotiations

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