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Homelessness impacting our entire nation, with the 50 biggest cities in America seeing a rise since 2017. And as Austin has grown, our homeless population has also grown with it. It’s important that we see the humanity on all sides of this issue.


This is a multi-tiered issue that requires a multi-tiered response. Here is how I’m working to address the issue:


  • Workforce First - I expanded funding for this alternative work program, where individuals are offered the opportunity to be of service to the community as an alternative to panhandling. 


  • Camp Esperanza - I voted to support funding for this facility near 183 and Montopolis, featuring paved roads, tiny homes, gardens, bathing facilities, job opportunities, and health services. The camp is operated by The Other Ones Foundation, which began in District 8 at the Oak Hill United Methodist Church before moving to its current location in northeast Austin.


  • Homeless Census - To better understand this issue, I participate in the annual “Point in Time” count, which organizes groups of volunteers to go into camps, count the population, learn about their circumstances, and determine service needs. You might be surprised to learn that many of those experiencing homelessness have jobs.


  • Hotel/Motel conversion - I support the strategy to achieve meaningful expansion of housing units where people can be rapidly rehoused.


  • Authorized funding - to support Mobile Loaves and Fishes


  • Bridge Shelter - cosponsored the selection and purchase of a bridge shelter.


  • Expanded Community Health Paramedics (CHP)


  • Expanded Homeless Outreach Street Team

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